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Cornucopias Prutah of John Hyrcanus (WC002)
Cornucopias, hyrcanus, biblical coin, prutah Maccabeus Maccabeen Revolt  WC002

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This is a "cornucopias" of John Hyrcanus I (Yehohanan). The obverse shows a double cornucopia with a pomegranate between the horns. The coin has been chemically cleaned and treated and has a shiny brown patina a light tan contrast around the coin's images. The coin has a complete and slightly off-centered double-cornucopia image on the obverse. The reverse shows Aramaic writing within a wreath. The coin measures 15 mm across.


These were of the earliest Judean coins ever minted. The majority of the Cornucopias coins were attributed to John Hyrcanus I who ruled from 135-104 BC. He was the father of Alexander Jannaeus. It is believed that his grandson, John Hyrcanus II who ruled from 63-40 BC may have also minted some of these same or similar cornucopias coins. Inscriptions on these coins are usually either "Yehohanan the high priest and the council of the Jews" or "Yehohanan the high priest head of the council of the Jews".

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