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Book: Guide to Biblical Coins
Guide to Biblical Coins

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David Hendin's 5th Edition just released "Guide to Biblical Coins" GUIDE TO BIBLICAL COINS?5th Edition

By David Hendin
values by Hebert Kreindler

6 x 9 inch, study stitch-bound hardcover with full color dustjacket
640 pages

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1. Complete listing of Judaea Capta series, the first time this has been assembled as a series in a single volume with other Judaean and Biblical coins, exceeding even the coins listed in the new Roman Imperial Coinage. (City coins are discussed briefly but omitted from this edition to make room for the Judaea Capta coins.) The book is expanded by some 200 pages from the 4th Edition. However, this will soon be remedied by a new book The Sofaer Collection at the American Numismatic Society to be published next year by the American Numismatic Society. (Together with Andy Meadows, assistant director of the ANS, I am preparing the book for its publication.)

2. Many new composite images and drawings.

3. NEW numbering system begins with 1001; COMPLETE (20-page!) concordance between GBC 5 and previous 2 GBC numbering systems as well as Treasury by Meshorer, Ancient Jewish Coinage by Meshorer, and other relevant books for specific series such as Mildenberg for Bar Kokhba coins, Samarian Coinage, Coinage of Philistia, etc.

4. Nearly twice as many pages of photographic plates.

5. Many new additional illustrations and photographs.

6. New and revised text discusses the latest available information on attribution and dating of this series.

7. 45 pages of end notes and comments, numbered references throughout book, and expanded bibliography.

8. Completely revised values by Herb Kreindler.

9.?INDEX plus LATIN INSCRIPTION index (for easy ID of Judaea Capta Roman issues).

10. Study of the metrology of the Judaean prutot coinage, with full details of Hendin's study of more than 10,000 coins recently published.

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