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Pontius Pilate 30-31AD (P31500)
Pontius Pilate 33 31AD P31500

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Minted by Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem in 31AD, during the ministry years of Jesus Christ. This coin was minted by Pontius Pilate who was the same man that authorized Christ's crucifixion. The coin was minted in the same city that Christ was crucified. There is no visible date on the reverse side of this coin. THE LITUUS: The lituus was the wooden staff which the Roman priest, or augurs, held in the right hand to symbolize their authority. They would raise the staff toward the heavens to invoke their gods while making their predictions. J.P. Fontanille states that Legend records that Romulus used it at the time of Rome's foundation in 753 B.C.E. It is interesting to note that the cross used in present times is the direct descendant of the lituus. As with the simpulum, Pilate's coinage is exceptional in that it alone displays the lituus as the sole object illustrated on the face. THE WREATH: The laurel wreath is a symbol of power and victory, an image that has been used on numerous ancient Greek, Roman and Jewish coins. On Pilate's coins, the laurel wreath figures on the reverse side of the lituus, framing the date. This bronze coin weighs 2.46 grams and measures 16mm across.

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