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Shekel Tyre Year 82,45/44 BC (ST90x-082)
Shekel Tyre Year 82  45/44 BC (ST90x-082)

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Jerusalem Temple Tax Coin, Jerusalem, Tyre Shekel (AR Tetradrachm / Shekel). Dated Year 82, ΠΒ 45/44 BC. letter Bet between legs, 12.7 g, 29mm.

Laureate bust of Melkart right / Eagle standing left on prow, KP and monogram to right. Reverse side has excellent condition and detail with super clear images and high contrast, both sides nicely centered images. Front side has a smooth-rough finish.

One half shekel was required as annual tax for a male adult due to Temple, so a full shekel was the tax for two men. This would be the same coin as found in the fish's mouth in Mark 17:27 that was enough to pay for the Temple tax for both Jesus and Peter. Judas was paid 30 shekels or half shekels to betray Jesus Christ.

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