Our passion at Biblicalmites is to help make the Bible’s history come alive for each person Charles Richeywho receives one of our coins or ancient pottery. Often, the events in the Bible seem to be just ancient history. But while it has been 2,000 years since the time of Christ and his disciples, the coins and pottery from back then have survived the centuries and are still with us today. Below are Biblical references for many of the coins and pottery that Biblicalmites.com offers:

    Luke 21:2The "Widow's Mite" (bronze lepton)
    Luke 20:24The "Tribute Penny" (silver denarius)
    Matt. 17:27The coin in the "fish's mouth" (silver full shekel)
    Matt. 26:15 Judas "thirty pieces of silver" (silver full or half shekels)
    Acts 20:79"There were many lamps in the upstairs room..." (earthen oil lamps)
    Luke 7:37"alabaster jar of perfume" to anoint Jesus' feet (earthen perfume bottle)

We also have coins that were minted by rulers listed in the Bible, such as the different Herods, Ceasar Augustus, Procurators Pontius Pilate, Festus and Felix. Church history coins include Constantine the Great who legalized Christianity and issued the Nicene Creed. We also have many Greek coins that preceded the Biblical era but did circulate in Israel during Christ's lifetime. Also, coins after the Biblical era reflect the Biblical era, such as the Jewish revolt coins and the coins of Constantine the Great first Christian emperor of Rome.

Charles Richey, founder of Biblicalmites.com, graduated from Azusa Pacific University (Azusa, CA) in 1978 with a Major in Business Administration and a Minor in Theology. Charles later graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA) in 1991 with a Masters of Theology with an emphasis on Prison Chaplaincy. Since 1994, Charles has been the Chaplain at a maximum security California State Prison in Southern California which houses approximately 3,800 male inmates, most of whom are lifers.

So how did Chaplain Richey start selling ancient Biblical coins on the internet? Back in 2002, wanting to give a special thank you to the various volunteer prison chaplains, Chaplain Richey purchased a small lot of widow’s mites to give to the volunteers. Realizing how awesome these coins were, Charles purchased more, sold them and purchased more again, soon to start the website Biblicalmites.com. The product line has been expanded to include a significant variety of various different Biblical era coins, coin jewelry, oil lamps, perfume bottles and ladles.

We trust that your purchase from Biblicalmites.com will help bring Bible history alive for you as much as it has for many others.